Wisdom In A Time of Digital Noise

We live in a time saturated in information and digital noise. We can be highly distracted from the things that will give us peace. King Solomon in his time was someone who had it all even by today’s standards of success. In Solomon’s book of Proverbs, he describes how worthless it is to acquire things that we think will make us feel better about ourselves. Without timeless wisdom as our guide, all of the stuff we now value becomes a meaningless pile of garbage. (Brian Ulrich’s photo, “Untitled, 2005 (0509)” comes to mind.)

We’ve heard much of our lives that knowledge is power, but I think we all know better now that the quality of what we know is more important than the volume of information. Only wisdom can help us sort between what really matters, and what’s only a distraction. This was King Solomon’s point that we were inspired to write this song about. Wisdom is what is needed to sort through the noise.

We collaborated with Andrew Merchant to create our single, Wisdom In-between. He contributed beautifully and skillfully layered ambient washes of guitar that make this song worth taking in with a great set of headphones. We hope you’ll download Wisdom In-between and check out Andrew’s other projects under the moniker @TriangulumAmbient.

Andrew Merchant @triangulumambient

Andrew Merchant, aka Triangulum Ambient, is an ambient musician based in the Sonoran desert of Arizona.  His musical style has been described as melodic ambient guitar music of the glacial variety and favorably compared to Chuck Wild of Liquid Mind. Merchant’s varied influences include Radiohead, Cocteau Twins, ambient legend Steve Roach and classical symphonic icons Beethoven and Mozart.  His music has been included on several ambient music compilations including Ambient Online volumes 8, 9 and Uranus.  Triangulum also appears on several Spotify playlists including Ambient Encounters, Welcome to Space Lounge and Post Rock Lives. Triangulum’s first two albums, Light in Darkness and Sounds of Sanctuary are available on Spotify, Apple Music and most other platforms.


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